Natürlich wird nichts vergeben und niemand vergessen, könnte man in musikalischer Anlehnung an Albert Ayler sagen: „Bobby Leger Bürgerl. Name: Elias Leger Profil: Cajun musician and accordionist (17 July 1916, Estherwood, Louisiana, USA – 21 January 2008) Bobby Leger was born in Estherwood, Louisiana and later relocated to Lake Charles. At age fifteen, he learned to play the accordion and continued playing for over 60 years. After organizing a band, Bobby played in clubs throughout southwest Louisiana including the Shamrock Club in Lake Charles for 18 years, Club 90 for 5 years, OST in Rayne for 5 years, and Oberlin Mardi Gras for 23 years. He made at least eight records and he considered his best songs to be „Lost Love Waltz“ and „The Lake Charles Playboys Waltz“. He also wrote „Trouble Two-Step“ (which has been covered by Lesa Cormier & August Broussard with the Sundown Playboys) and „Little Cajun Boy“ on Swallow Records (based on the song „Country Boy“ by Fats Domino)“ ( Mit dem Song hatte ich ihn mitbekommen auf einer Ace-Louisiana-Compilation, flashing, rockin, magic, und manchmal muss ich es hören, egal wohin der Wind weht …

gefunden in einem Plattenladen in Dachau ca. 1988