„Issue IV of SARGASSO, the art & literature haven of the holy, the ragged, and the mad is dedicated to the memory of our friend Alain Croubalian (1964 – 2021). You left us, to join „the others“.
104 pages/Seiten, limited & numbered edition.
Contributors/Autoren: Ableev, Claudia Bierschenk, Stephen Crane, Alain Croubalian, John Dorsey, Alan Ehrensache, Sven Heuchert, Maik Hübeler, Suzie Kaplan Olmsted, M.A. Littler, Kody Skye Lugo-Bautista, Anto Macaroni, Malina, Gerard Manley-Hopkins, Jack Micheline, Joe Milford, D.H. Ottn, Pauline Owens Teel, Kiev Stingl, Kinki Texas, John Tottenham, Katie Wallace, Martin H. Werner.“

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